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Bridges connects you with the world’s leading chains and DEXs to identify the best rates and to provide the insights that drive better decisions.
While we do offer an exchange, on-ramp, token, and more, Bridges Knowledgebase is your place to learn DeFi. We've created (and continue to grow) this Knowledgebase for all, whether you're crypto-curious or a seasoned investor. Scroll down for an overview of all the information available to you.
Bridges Exchange is live as a DeFi aggregator on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Fantom. Ready to start trading?

Bridges Exchange

It's time to experience a better DeFi—and to get the best swap every time. Jump on in:

Bridge$ token

Learn more about our platform's native token and how you can earn Bridge$.


We know crypto and DeFi are not the easiest topics to get started with, so we're here to fill in the blanks on crypto, blockchain, and DeFi.

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Get help, join our online community, and see how you can get involved with Bridges.
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