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The world’s first anti-scam, dividend-paying, semi-decentralized exchange.
Tired of scams and tokens with no utility? So are we. That's why we've launched Bridges Exchange. We carry out a strict vetting process to ensure that every token listing on Bridges Exchange is both safe and innovative.
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To answer any questions you might have and to explain how Bridges works, we've put together the Bridges Knowledgebase, a collection of DeFi and Bridges resources. Take a look at all of the topics you can explore whether you're a seasoned holder or completely new to crypto.

Bridges Exchange

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Crypto and DeFi are not always the easiest topics to get started with, so we wrote some articles about crypto, blockchain, and DeFi to help you get started.

Additional resources

Get help, join our online community, and see how you can get involved with Bridges.
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