Bridges Exchange is the world's first anti-scam dividend-paying semi-decentralized exchange.
With Bridges Exchange, we give every Bridge$ token holder a stake in the success by paying out 0.1% dividends based on exchange volume (excluding CMC top 10 and stablecoins).
We also thoroughly vet projects before listing them to fight scams in DeFi. This includes safety checks of the token contract and requiring the team to either be doxxed or to complete private KYC.
This means that we are semi-decentralized. You get all the benefits of access to DeFi, but you don't have to worry about the lack of quality control that allows scammers to run away with your money.
Our goal is to make the future of finance work for everyone, and that includes you!

Take a look at what we have to offer. Not sure how to use these features to your benefit? Dig into our guides for step-by-step instructions.

The base of any good exchange is to swap one token for another. With Bridges Exchange, you can swap tokens using your non-custodial wallet, all without needing a centralized exchange. You are in control of your own finances.
Bridges Exchange features tokens that are vetted by the Bridges Team. Browse the full list of tokens to find something new to swap.

Since Bridges Exchange is a DEX-aggregator hybrid, it's not necessary to have liquidity in order to swap. However, liquidity providers can earn from the 0.25% liquidity provider fee on transactions. Get started with passive income today.

If you provide liquidity for a liquidity pair, you'll get LP tokens in return. Stake your LP tokens in an active farm, and earn Bridge$ tokens in return.

Project developers can lock their liquidity for free on Bridges Exchange. Holders can check on to total locked liquidity of any liquidity pool by checking the Locker.

Keep track of your Bridge$ holdings, update your dividend token, and claim your rewards using the Dashboard.

Stake your Bridge$ tokens to boost your dividends. You can either collect your dividends directly or compound them into more Bridge$ that will be added to your pool of staked Bridge$.

Starting with the launch of Bridges Exchange, we have a limited-time offer for referrals. Refer your friends and family to use Bridges Exchange, and you'll earn Bridge$ based on the volume they create from their swaps. Don't waitβ€”the reward pool is limited to 250,000 Bridge$!

Did you know that you can recruit a new project and get rewarded for it? Learn all about that program here:
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