How to Buy with Ramp

Set up your purchase

To get started, navigate to the Ramp page and connect your wallet. If your wallet is not connected, you won't be able to use Ramp.
You should now see a new window on your screen. In the You pay field, click on the flag icon to select your country of residence if it is not correct. The fiat currency (EUR, USD, GBP) will be filled accordingly.
Check all supported countries and territories here. US residents should check the list of states where Ramp is available here.
Next, select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy in the You get field.
Now, you can enter how much you want to buy. Either fill in the fiat or crypto amount, and the other amount will automatically be filled with the corresponding value.
Click on Details in the box below these fields in order to see the full cost details of your transaction.
When you're sure you've entered everything correctly, click on Proceed.

Enter your email

Enter your email. This allows Ramp to communicate with you about your purchase and to ensure that you don't need to redo the KYC process at every purchase. Click the box to agree to Ramp's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (both linked in the text). Now you can click Proceed to go to the next step.
Next, jump over to your inbox and find the email from Ramp that contains your confirmation code. Enter the code, and click Proceed if the app does not automatically move you to the next screen.

Wallet address

Now you need to check your wallet address. It should be pre-filled with the address of the wallet that you're connected to the exchange with. If you want to send the crypto that you purchase to another wallet, then you can change the address. When you're done, click Confirm & proceed.
Make sure that your wallet address is correct. Once your crypto is sent, it cannot be retrieved in the event of an error in the wallet address.

Set up your payment

Now you can choose a payment method. The payment methods that you see may differ from the screenshot above depending on your country of residence. Select your desired payment method, and click Proceed.

Easy bank transfer

For an easy bank transfer, you'll need to link your bank account to Ramp. After reviewing your order, click Buy now to create the bank transfer. Learn more here.

Manual bank transfer

With manual bank transfers, you'll be provided with the bank account details and a reference to use in your transfer. After reviewing your order summary, click Buy now to proceed to the payment instructions.
Make sure that the amount you transfer is exact and the details (references) of the transaction are correct. Using a different amount or failing to use the correct reference could cause your transfer to be returned to you. If it seems that it is taking a long time to receive your crypto, refer to the Ramp FAQs for possible causes.

Apply Pay

When you choose Apple Pay, you'll follow the typical Apply Pay steps. Review your order summary and click Buy now to complete the payment process.


You can pay with either a debit or a credit card. Debit cards have a higher acceptance rate than credit cards. If possible, Ramp recommends that you always try to use your debit card.
First, you will need to enter your billing address. Once you've entered your address, click Save billing address. Then you will need to enter your card information. Make sure that whichever card you use has a high enough balance or limit that your transaction will not fail. After providing your card data, click Add card.
Now you'll see an overview of your order summary. Click Buy now to complete your purchase.

KYC: Identity verification

If this is your first time using Ramp, you'll need to complete their KYC process to verify your identity.
Click Verify with ID to begin the process.
A new tab will open in Ramp's website. To begin the process, click Verify with ID.
If you are on your laptop or desktop, you'll need to switch to your camera-enabled mobile device. Click Continue to be provided with options to connect, such as a QR code.
Once you've connected, you'll see the screen above. Click Start and follow the prompts to complete the KYC.
Back in your other tab, you'll see the status update when you complete the flow. Click Finish.
You should see a success message. You can now close this tab and return to Bridges Exchange.
You'll see that your identity is being processed. If you close the tab, then you'll receive an email from Ramp when the identification is complete and you can finalize your purchase.
Once your identity verification is successfully completed, you'll see that you're now able to click Continue.
If you paid with card, you may be asked to enter your security code again to finalize your purchase. Enter the code, then click Confirm & pay.

Payment processing

In the final steps, you'll see that Ramp is waiting for your payment. The amount of time this takes depends upon which payment method you used. See the transaction settlement times here.
Once your payment goes through, some final magic happens in the background at Ramp. Once they're done, you'll see the final success message below.
From here, you just have to wait for your crypto to arrive in your self-custody wallet.