Referral Program

Earn Bridge$ by inviting your friends

Leverage our referral program to earn more Bridge$. Call up your friends, or share on your socials. Whatever your style is, bring your friends on board and get rewarded for it.
Bridges created a limited reward pool for referring your friends to using Bridges Exchange. Get in now—when it's gone, it's gone!

The multiplier factor

With our referral program you will earn Bridge$ based on eligible transactions made by your network.
You can invite as many people as you want. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
To benefit you further, there are 3 vertical layers that you can earn rewards from. This means your friends can invite their friends, and their friends can invite even more folks—and you'll earn referral rewards on all of their eligible dividend-generating transactions.
The multiplier factors are as follows:
  • 400x for layer 1 (users directly referred by you)
  • 200x for layer 2 (users referred by your layer 1)
  • 100x for layer 3 (users referred by your layer 2)
For example, if your layer 1 referrals generate 1 BNB in dividends from eligible transactions, you will get 400 Bridge$. If your layer 2 referrals generate 1 BNB from eligible transactions you will get 200 Bridge$. If your layer 3 referrals generate 1 BNB from eligible transactions you will get 100 Bridge$.
Note that the rewards are not taken out of the transactions made by your referrals, but funded by the Bridges team. The team has provided 250,000 tokens for the program. Neither the referred person nor the person making the referral will have to pay anything in order to access the program.
To generate your referral link, go to the Dashboard and connect your wallet. Then, scroll down to the referral section. Click Your referral link to copy your link to your clipboard.
Every user accessing the platform through your link will get a pop-up asking to register you as the referrer, unless they are already referred.
Please note that once you start to refer your network, your wallet can not be referred anymore.

Collect your referral rewards

When you've accumulated your referral rewards, you'll need to claim them in the Dashboard. They are not manually paid out.
To pay out your rewards, click Collect referral rewards now and confirm the action in your wallet.