A swap is a transaction in which you trade one token for another. Thanks to Bridges Exchange's aggregator, we check the current swap rates on multiple DEXs and deliver the best swap to you.

Bridges Certified tokens

A subset of the tokens listed on Bridges Exchange are Bridges Certified. All Bridges Certified tokens have undergone a strict vetting process carried out by the Bridges Team.
In order to be Bridges Certified, the project team must apply to have their token listed and pass all required safety checks. The project must also bring innovation to the space rather than being a copy of existing projects. Only those projects that successfully complete the application process and get listed on Bridges Exchange are Bridges Certified tokens.

Bridges Approved tokens

Only tokens that are approved by Bridges are listed on Bridges Exchange and qualify as Bridges Approved tokens. This means that they fit the listing criteria and are available on BNB Chain as a BEP-20 token. Project teams do not necessarily have to apply in order to be Bridges approved, but they do need to be highly ranked on a reputable token tracking site and be well-known in the crypto community.
Both Bridges approved and certified tokens go through a screening mostly based on security in order to minimize the amount of scams, and not to maximize the returns.
None of these categories has therefore to be intended as financial advice.
You are still required to do your own due diligence before investing on a project.

Non Vetted tokens

On Bridges aggregator you will potentially be able to swap any token present on-chain by searching it by its contract address.
Be aware, non vetted tokens are tokens that have not been checked at all by the team.
Please research them thoroughly before investing.

Swap fees

When you swap tokens on Bridges Exchange, you will pay a 0.1% transaction fee which is distributed as dividends to all Bridge$ holders with at least 100 tokens.
All other fees (liquidity provider fees, service fees, etc.) are subject to the individual decentralized exchange(s) through which your swap is routed, but our aggregator takes into account of such fees to still serve you the best available swap.