How to Buy Bridge$

Bridge$ tokens are exclusively available on Bridges Exchange. To get started, head to the swap page.
The first step is to connect your wallet. Check out our guide if you don't yet know how to do that.
If you're using MetaMask, be sure to access Bridges Exchange using the browser in the MetaMask app. Using your regular smartphone browser will not allow you to connect your MetaMask wallet.
If you're using Trust Wallet, be sure to access Bridges Exchange via the Dapp browser in Trust Wallet. Using your regular smartphone browser will not allow you to connect your Trust Wallet.
Now that your wallet is connected, you can select an input token (whichever token you have on hand that you want to swap) by selecting something in the first field. We've selected BUSD for this example. You can then select BRG.X for the output token in the second field.
Enter the amount of the output token that you want to swap for Bridge$, or enter the amount of Bridge$ that you'd like to buy. The other field will populate automatically according to the current price.
Next, if this is your first time swapping a token on Bridges Exchange, you'll probably have to approve the contract interaction for that token. Click Enable to approve the interaction with your wallet.
Now, the swap button should be enabled for you to click on. Click Swap when you're ready to execute the swap.
You'll then see a preview of your swap like the one below.
Click Confirm swap to start the transaction.
Again, you'll be prompted in your wallet to approve the transaction.
When your transaction is approved in your wallet, it will be submitted to the blockchain.
Wait a moment for a confirmation or a failure message to see if your swap was successful. If your transaction was sucessful, then you'll be able to see your Bridge$ tokens on BscScan.
In case they don't show up in your wallet, you may need to manually add them by importing our address: 0x0e2114955023B736fa97D9E2FCDe2836d10b7A5C
You may run into an error, and that will be shown on the screen with a message that suggests a solution. A common error is having too low of a slippage tolerance. If your slippage is not set high enough, then increase your slippage by 1% and try again, repeating the process until the transaction succeeds. Be careful to not increase the slippage too much at once—you may not get the most favorable price if you do so.
Still have questions? Take a look at our Help Center: