The Dashboard is where you can get an overview of your Bridge$ tokens and manage your rewards.

Dashboard functions

Your Bridge$ holdings

This card tells you information about how many Bridge$ you hold as well as your dividends. When you're ready to withdraw your dividends, you can trigger the payout by clicking Withdraw dividends now.

Update your dividend token

Bridge$ is a multi-dividend paying token. That means that you can choose how you want your dividends paid out from a list of approved tokens. By default, your dividends will be paid in BNB. You can change your dividend token in the Dashboard as often as you like.
Simply choose the token you want from the list, and click Update.

Bridge$ liquidity provided

If you provide liquidity to the BRG.X-BNB liquidity pair or farm the LP tokens, then you can view your liquidity and farm stats here.
Your Bridge$ deposited in the liquidity pool also pay out dividends. Click Collect dividends from LP to trigger a payout. This payout does not happen automatically, so return to the dashboard every once in a while to claim this reward.
You can also collect your dividends from the farm here. Simply click Collect dividends from farm to withdraw these tokens. Again, the payout does not happen automatically, so be sure to claim your dividends every once in a while.

Dividend calculator

You can estimate the dividends for a given amount of Bridge$ tokens and a set daily volume.
Note that the dividend calculator is intended for informational purposes only. We cannot guarantee that the values you enter will actually be paid out since volume is variable.

Referral program

The bottom two cards on the Dashboard are for the Bridges referral program. To learn more about the referral program, see the next section: