Direct Staking

Direct staking is the action of temporarily depositing your token in a pool of tokens directly in return for rewards instead of needing to stake LP tokens (as you do in farming). Different exchanges have different approaches to direct staking. On Bridges Exchange, we couldn't follow the traditional direct staking routes, because then you wouldn't be able to get dividends on your tokens. Instead, we have built a staking platform for Bridge$ tokens that allows you to receive dividends—and to even boost your dividends.

How does Bridge$ staking work?

Bridges is providing 4 million Bridge$ to the direct staking contract which serve to boost the dividends of the overall staked Bridge$ pool. Instead of the Bridges Team receiving the dividends from those tokens, they'll be shared proportionally with whoever stakes Bridge$ tokens.

Are my tokens locked?

When you stake your Bridge$, those tokens will be locked for a period of one month (30 days). Staked tokens are programmatically locked for that time. This means that the Bridges Team is not able to manually revoke the lock, so be sure that you will not need to withdraw those tokens sooner.

How much can staking boost my dividends?

The dividend boost that you receive depends on how many tokens are deposited into the direct staking pool. You can calculate the boost percentage by dividing the tokens from Bridges (2.5 million) by the sum of Bridge$ tokens staked by individuals. To get a quick overview, we've calculated the dividend boost for a range of token values in the table below.

What happens to my dividends?

The direct staking contract keeps track of how many Bridge$ tokens you have deposited in the pool and how many dividends are owed to you. The dividends are not paid out automatically, so you'll need to claim them on your own. When you're ready to claim your dividends, you have two options: collect or compound.
When you collect your dividends, you withdraw them (as BNB) from the staking pool and they are sent to your wallet. You cannot choose to send them to another wallet; they will always be sent to the wallet that you used to deposit the Bridge$.
When you compound your dividends, the BNB that you've accumulated is converted to Bridge$ tokens—according to the prices at that point in time—and added to your pool of staked Bridge$ tokens. Doing so means that you will now additionally earn dividends on those Bridge$ tokens.

Can I farm my staked Bridge$?

No, once your tokens are locked in the staking contract, you cannot use them for depositing liquidity for farming. Likewise, any Bridge$ deposited for liquidity or farming cannot be used in direct staking. You will need to decide which choice is the best option for you.