What is an on-ramp and where do I find one?

An on-ramp is a service that allows you to use fiat to buy crypto. In the last section, we talked about using this service to buy coins like BNB. On-ramps aren't only for native coins though; they can also be used to buy all kind of tokens—even ones in DeFi.
As we said in the last section, you can use a variety of payment methods to purchase your crypto. The payment methods that you can use depend on the on-ramp service and in which country you live.
Bridges Exchange has integrated two on-ramp providers: Ramp and CURE Pay.


Ramp works all across the globe. It supports USD, EUR, and GBP on the fiat side. On Bridges Exchange, you can use Ramp to buy BNB and BUSD. See our full guide on buying crypto with Ramp here.


CURE Pay is powered by the same team that created CURE Token—a Bridges Certified token available to swap on Bridges Exchange. With CURE Pay, you can buy approved DeFi tokens directly. If a token is available on CURE Pay, it will be indicated in the token info card on the swap page. Learn more about CURE Pay here.